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40 Days of Spiritual Practice

Updated: Jan 10

Imagine trying one simple practice daily for 40 days. How might your mind, heart, and soul be different? Where might you see the presence of God more clearly in daily life? These resources can support you.

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Benedict on Lent

Benedict wrote that "the life of a monk should be a continuous Lent" (Rule of Benedict, Ch. 49). Now, those who prefer other liturgical seasons might blush at this notion. However, there is an important invitation to hear in this insight. Benedict knows the importance of keep our eyes on the life, death, and resurrection of Christ. Lent is the season in which we prepare for and anticipate Easter, much like the way we prepare in Advent for the Incarnation. The Benedictine way is steeped in prayer and community. It is exercised within the dailyness of life and work. When Benedict encourages us to embrace a spirit of Lent, we can hear the invitation to keep our eyes on Christ.

Choose One Practice to Try for 40 Days

We invite you to select one simple practice that you can try for 40 Days. You might begin with Ash Wednesday, but you could just as easily start at any time. One commitment practiced regularly is more effective than many practiced sporadically. Renew a practice that is familiar to you. Or choose one of these practices with supporting materials:

Morning Gratitude

Try a brief guided reflection (in English and Spanish) to warm up to the day with a thankful heart. Imagine how you might notice and judge things differently after waking up to the world with appreciation 40 days in a row.

Guided Meditation

Lectio Divina

Pause and Reflect

Book Discussion Group

Get a Free Books for a Study Group

Fill out a brief form with your mailing address and we'll send copies of Spiritual Practices for the Brain or Radical Hospitality for your book study group. These resources can help you sustain your progress on the 40 Days of Practice. You can download Radical Hospitality companion guides today!

Radical Hospitality study guide English
Download PDF • 16.65MB
Radical Hospitality study guide Spanish
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