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Spiritual Practices Matter

In a world like ours, an unattended faith life can become like a stale room, an obnoxious child, or a vacant lot filled with thorns. Rather than thriving, we end up living inattentively. Our relationships and our communities deserve better. By the grace of God, spiritual practices are about exploring the intersections of life and faith. They help us experience a sense of God’s presence beyond just survival.

Ancient Christian Practices

Bridge Builders for a Thriving Mission helps people develop ancient Christian practices that help us stay awake and responsive to God’s presence. For example:

  • Lectio Divina and Visio Divina (sacred reading)

  • Community

  • Radical Hospitality

  • Conversatio Morum (transforming way of life)

  • Discernment of Charisms and Gifts

Spiritual Practices for Thriving Communities

Three Part Spiritual Practices Webinar with Anne Kertz Kernion


Bridge Builders for a Thriving Mission can provide resources and guided experiences introducing spiritual practices or helping people deepen their prayer.


Lay Pastoral Caregiver Training

Bridge Builders for a Thriving Mission Initiative is providing training for lay people in pastoral care—at no cost to ACCs in the St. Cloud Diocese. The vision of this project is to equip teams of compassionate listeners who are steeped in Benedictine spirituality. Partnering with Community of Hope International.

Brochure in English

Folleto en Español

Church Candles

Contemplative Prayer Workshops

This pastoral workbook provides a vision of the Church’s communal worshiping life as well as tools for deepening our personal and communal prayer lives. Strategic thinking and synodal listening are key. This workbook focuses on possibilities rather than problems.


Companion Guide

This companion guide centers the ancient Christian spiritual practice, radical
hospitality as common ground for renewal in the faith. It is an accompaniment to the
book Radical Hospitality by Lonni Collins Pratt with Father Daniel Homan, OSB.
Read this book alone or with a small group. 

Download Guide (English)

Download Guide (Spanish)


Seeing the Word

Enhance your experience of the Seeing the Word program with this supplementary collection of music and projectable illuminations, both on CD. Seeing the Word: Illuminations and Music is a recommended resource for any individual or facilitator striving to amplify the framework for Seeing the Word.

Visit Liturgical Press to preview the available illuminations.


Painting the Word

This workbook provides a vision and template for assessing community life through the lens of the domestic church, Area Catholic Community, worshiping community, and the neighborhood. Focus on what is strong and build from there.

Spiritual Practices

Stories and insights like these help us appreciate how reclaiming ancient spiritual practices is indispensable to thriving communities . . .

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  1. LISTEN – Work with your people to identify the core challenge you are facing as a leader or a community

  2. SCHEDULE - Meet with Bridge Builders for a Thriving Mission to explore possibilities

  3. THRIVE - Practice thriving in ministry with guidance and support

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