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Bridge Building Starts with Relationships

Building the vitality of an Area Catholic Community requires teams of leaders who together have oversight for liturgical, catechetical, community care, and justice ministries. Our parishes are collaborators, bridge builders that ensure the mission of the Church. Building relational bridges within an Area Catholic Community is much like building physical ones - it requires innovation, investment, and an eye toward structures that will stand the test of time. We listen to the needs of ACCs and empower people to test their 'Big Ideas'.


There are four qualities essential to this relational building:

  1. respect

  2. cultural humility

  3. trustworthiness

  4. love

Building Bridges for Thriving Communities


Bridge Builders for a Thriving Mission inspires communities with concrete support to help their ministries thrive. Apply for a Big Idea grant or submit an inquiry below to explore other possibilities.

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Big Ideas

The Bridge-Builders for a Thriving Mission Initiative provides up to $2000 for approved big ideas that support thriving communities. 

Application Information (English)

Application Information (Español)


Pastoral Visits with Bishop Neary

Area Catholic Communities are preparing for pastoral visits with Bishop Neary. This will be an opportunity for each of the 29 ACCs to tell their story - stories embodied with hope and challenges.

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  1. LISTEN – Work with your people to identify the core challenge you are facing as a leader or a community

  2. SCHEDULE - Meet with Bridge Builders for a Thriving Mission to explore possibilities

  3. THRIVE - Practice thriving in ministry with guidance and support

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