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Seeking the Fruits of the Spirit

In Scripture, the Rule of St. Benedict, and in the practice of spiritual direction, we are taught to watch for the fruit of the Spirit. What does that fruit look like in real life? What difference does the practice of seeking the Spirit make for us and for the world? Sr. Josue Behnen OSB, spiritual director and supervisor, shares her perspective on these questions after a lifetime of practice.


  • Discerning the Spirit

  • What do we look for?

  • Sitting at the Feet of Jesus

  • Contemplative Way of Being

  • Paying Attention to the Divine

  • Why is supervision important?

  • Slow, Silent, Uncertain

  • Homesick for the Kingdom of God

  • Becoming More Patient and Kind

Training for Lay Pastoral Caregivers

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Bridge Builders for a Thriving Mission trains lay pastoral caregivers in the art of listening. The training consists of two overnight retreats and four Zoom meetings. If the kind of listening that Sr. Josue describes seems compelling to you, we would welcome an exploratory conversation.

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