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Pathways to Co-Responsibility

Find resources and support to help your leaders and community thrive

Ministry is Challenging

  • Financial pressures

  • Differing perspectives

  • Waning engagement

  • Organizational change


Communities Can Thrive

By using best practices in pastoral planning, ministering across differences, engaging those on the margins, and discerning gifts and callings

We are partners.jpeg

We are partners

  • Listening to your needs and dreams

  • Drawing on the Catholic Benedictine tradition

  • Leveraging financial resources and learning opportunities to empower pastoral leaders

  • Providing expert consultation on ministerial well-being and effective ministry teams

The Initiative at a Glance

Water for Consultation Block.jpg


  1. LISTEN – Work with your people to identify the core challenge you are facing as a leader or a community

  2. SCHEDULE - Meet with Bridge Builders for a Thriving Mission to explore possibilities

  3. THRIVE - Practice thriving in ministry with guidance and support

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