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Planning on Faithful Foundations

In order to build new relationships across parishes, Diocesan leaders need to meet people and listen to their stories, as they do in synodal listening sessions, pastoral visits, and in Area Catholic Communities Council Training. A thriving mission is dependent on pastoral planning that is rooted in prayer and discernment as well as accurate information so that decisions are fair, transparent, and grounded in the Church's mission. Bridge Builders for a Thriving Mission supports these commitments with resources and processes that have been developed and well-tested for pastoral planning.

Pastoral Planning for Thriving Communities


Bridge Builders for a Thriving Mission can provide your pastoral leaders with trustworthy data, expert consultation, and guided planning processes. Download a workbook or request a meeting using the form below.



MissionInsite reveals insights about the community around you, so you can move from data to decisions. Expand ministry options, develop mission generosity, revitalize your Area Catholic Community, and increase your ministry impact.



This workbook provides a vision and template for assessing community life through the lens of the domestic church, Area Catholic Community, worshiping community, and the neighborhood. Focus on what is strong and build from there.


Ring of Light Bulbs

Big Ideas

Enlist the guidance of Dr. Barbara Sutton and her depth of experience in pastoral planning, ministering across differences, interculturality, and workplace health. She will bring a theologically grounded and immediately practical experience to your faith community, council, or team.

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Worship and Prayer

This pastoral workbook provides a vision of the Church’s communal worshiping life as well as tools for deepening our personal and communal prayer lives. Strategic thinking and synodal listening are key. This workbook focuses on possibilities rather than problems.



Evangelization and the Word

This workbook can be used for spiritual reading and study, pastoral planning, lectio divina with the Church’s Tradition, self-assessment tool, adult faith formation, gratitude practices and appreciative inquiry for all that is well with the church community.


Big Idea
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  1. LISTEN – Work with your people to identify the core challenge you are facing as a leader or a community

  2. SCHEDULE - Meet with Bridge Builders for a Thriving Mission to explore possibilities

  3. THRIVE - Practice thriving in ministry with guidance and support

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