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Data for Your ACC

Recognizing the value of local socio-economic and other types of data in ACC planning, the Planning Office of the Diocese of Saint Cloud received money from the Building Bridges for a Thriving Mission Initiative to build deeper connections within and between ACCs. For an overview of MissionInsite click here.

MissionInsite - Data for your ACC

We have purchased a license to use MissionInsite. This is a demographic tool that provides data on a variety of queries including number/ages/types/finances of households in your area, ethnicities and socio-economics, 5 and 10 year projections for population, ages, etc. Making data driven decisions is helpful for long-term visioning and planning. Contact Brenda Kresky at (320) 251-2340 if you or someone you know in your ACC is interested in having access to the information in your ACC.

Examples of How MissionInsite Data is being used

Mass Time Discernment

One ACC was looking for information to address this question: "Where should the Masses be held to serve the greatest number of people in the ACC?"

QuickInsite information displaying their ACC shape as well as the population (by census block) was sent to them.​

Catholic School Promotion

A full Insite report that gave projections of population, including the ages of children in the next 5 and 10 years, was sent out. In addition they received a themed report highlighting areas (census blocks) that had a high concentration of families with children.

General Information/Data

A quick Insite as well as a full Insite to do some additional analysis was sent to them.

Serve Location Better

A report that highlighted a ½ mile radius from the church was sent to them.

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